Hello There 

Bored: Here are some things to pass the time

Tired but can't sleep: This might help

Want to learn how to draw like a professional: This guy is awesome

What time is it: Here's a map
Reading: Bossypants

Listening to: The Beatles

Watching: Sherlock
or The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Dying over: Benedict Cumberbatche's voice
Lovely People
Sherlock: S1E1S1E2S1E3S2E1S2E2S2E3S31E1S3E2S3E2

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Fifth Estate

August: Osage County

12 Years a Slave

My Time

“Most people blunder around this city and all they see are streets and shops and cars. When you walk with Sherlock Holmes you see the battlefield.”



I was trying to remember why this picture of this cat looked so familiar


then I realised

John Catson


The Empty Hearse Icons [1/2]

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If you were dying, if you’d been murdered, in your very last few seconds, what would you say? - A Study in Pink

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